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The Summer Toolkit by Triumph & Disaster

Theë_packs of summer skin essentials. This toolkit includes:

NO DICE Sunscreenë_-ë_has been engineered for those occasions when you are in the sun, but don_Ñét wish to smell like a pineapple or look like a clown. NO DICE isë_TRULY non whitening,ë_non greasy and will not let you down when you need to look your best but cannot avoid the sun.
Shearers Soapë_is safe for the environment, gentle on skin and strong on the nose.ë_Use daily for a superb all over body exfoliation.
Gameface Moisturiserë_-ë_Jojoba, Ponga fern (Cyathea Cumingii) and Horopito (Pseudowintera Colorata) combine to deliver a calming, hydrating and soothing moisturiser that will leave your skin feeling great.